J&D Property Management was founded by Jeff and David Brown in 2001 as a way of helping family and friends manage their investment properties.  Since then, it has grown to manage a multi-million dollar portfolio of properties in Southern California.

J&D Property Management is large enough to help you reach your goals, yet small enough to give you unique and personalized service and attention.  For more information on what J&D Property Management can do for you, please visit us here.  Or click here to speak to someone directly.


David Brown

David is a Simi Valley native and property management is in his blood.  He grew up helping his parents maintain their investment properties.  He and his brother, Jeff, took over the day-to-day management of those properties and have expanded outward from there, forming J&D Property Management in 2001.

David is a licensed real estate broker.  He has bachelor’s degrees in real estate studies and in accounting and has two master’s degrees.

Jeff Brown

Jeff is our in-house expert on repairs and maintenance.  Jeff can (and has) done everything from fixing a leaky sink to installing new tile floors.  By having an in-house expert we are able to take care of day-to-day issues that arise more quickly and less expensively than having to hire repairmen.